Western Reserve Architectural Historians was founded in 1965 to provide an opportunity for persons from all professions and backgrounds to meet regularly so that they might understand and enjoy the region's architectural heritage.  At least six times a year, through walking tours, on-site visits, lectures, and discussions, WRAH members explore the notable, unusual, and significant in the built environment.



Sunday, November 5, 2017 we toured
The Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant
of Cleveland

We met at the Administration Building, Easterly Wastewater Treatment Plant, located on the shore of Lake Erie
Our guide and speaker was Dan Smith, Assistant Supervisor of Operations for the plant
Our group stops for a photo on this hard-hat tour
The site covers 105 acres and can treat 400 million gallons of raw sewage daily
Treatment occurs both under roof and outside
A cold drizzle did not deter WRAH members from enjoying this special tour
On Saturday, June 3, 2017 WRAH toured the National McKinley Museum, Niles Public Library & Reproduced Birthplace Home in Niles, Ohio
We had a beautiful summer-like day for viewing this impressive memorial,which was the first National Presidential Monument.
We were impressed by the architectural detail of the monument
A beautiful old Masonic Lodge sits across the street, in need of a group to save it from possible demolition.
Our group poses for a picture in front of President McKinley's statue.  The complex was built by private subscription from friends and colleagues.
The interior of the Memorial houses a stage, flexible seating for large groups, and museum exhibits about McKinley's life
On Saturday September 16, 2017, we visited the Goldhorn Brewery on E 55th St. to hear Alexander Pogrebinsky describe the Hub 55 neighborhood revitalization program.
Alex describes the history and daily operations at the Goldhorn Brewery
The brewing process starts here in copper vessels
Original murals still grace the walls at the adjacent Sterle's  event center
Golhorn brews and paprikash were enjoyed after the tour
The highest sanitary standards are a top priority at the brewery
Future expansion plans include restoring the Lakeshore Banking and Trust building for fine dining
October 8, 2017, A Members Only Visit to a Mid-century Modern Home in the Chagrin Valley
An autumn buffet of tasty treats was served to 25 WRAH members
Mr. Morris told many interesting stories about  the history of the house
Our Special guest was William B. Morris AIA, the architect of the Greenblatt home (seated)
Home owner Ilene Greenblatt guided the members through the house, discussing the changes to the interior (second from right)
The sunken living room has a vista to the Chagrin River
The house was built on piers because of its proximity to the nearby river
Nature was as near as the closest sliding door
Large scale artworks were prominent in every room
Sunday, February 25, 2018 we toured the Children's Museum of Cleveland located in the newly renovated
Historical Stager-Beckwith Mansion

Erected in 1866 as a private home on Cleveland's Millionares' Row, it remains a relic of Cleveland's past grandeur
Thirty two WRAH members started the tour on the first floor
A fourth floor view from the turret facing east
A dollhouse model of the Stager-Beckwith Mansion was built and donated by Kathy Lincoln. The second floor features a collection of dollhouses and dolls.
Water, water, everywhere and fun for the WRAH members
Colorfull scarves shot through plastic tubes and were ejected from unexpected places high above us
Kelsey Tarace, Director of Education, left, thanked us for coming and reviewed upcoming plans in the snack  bar
The group gathered to rest as we finished our tour of the new Cleveland Children's Museum